If there's one thing we know about our New York State Troopers, it's that they continuously go above and beyond the duties of their job to help people out. That's exactly what a Captain Szoczei did this week when he pulled to the side of the road to help a woman with a punctured tire.

Mackenzie Rowe shared her experience on her Facebook page, writing about how she was traveling on I-81 on her way home from Watertown when something punctured her back tire. She found herself "panicking" on the side of the busy highway when a car pulled over and Captain Szoczei got out.

"He was in an unmarked car, so if he wanted to drive past me he could’ve and I would’ve never known he was a cop," Rowe posted. "But he found the kindness out of his heart to stop, on HIS way home, and help me."

Rowe wrote that after he changed her tire, Captain Szoczei gave her his card in case anything happened again. He even followed her car for a few miles to make sure the tire stayed on securely.

"Thank you officer Szoczei," Rowe wrote. "It is officers like you that give me hope, and do good for our community."

The New York State Police shared Rowe's Facebook status, praising Captain Szoczei's willingness to help and continue his service even after he's clocked out. Captain Szoczei is part of Troop D of the NYSP based in Oneida.

If you end up in a situation similar to Rowe but aren't as lucky to run into an officer in the right place at the right time, there's never any harm in reminding yourself how to change a tire. (I know I could certainly use a reminder.... or ten!)

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