There's been some confusion as to what's open and what's closed at Heidelberg Bread.

We reported Heidelberg is baking bread again, and that's true. They've re-opened the bake-factory after closing for two weeks, but the Herkimer cafe and store located at 3056 rt 28 N, will remain closed until sometime in 2021.

Hadley Bissell of the Heidelberg Group Inc. has cleared up some of the confusion:

The Herkimer cafe and store located at 3056 rt 28 N, remains closed and we have plans to work towards reopening sometime in 2021. We shut down our bake factory for two weeks in July to take precautions during the COVID times. We upgraded and enforced new safety and health guidelines to ensure the safety and health of our employees and customers. Our bake factory and New Online Bread store are up and running as usual now! Check out our website for the link to our online bread store to have our phenomenally healthy breads shipped to your door! [Hadley Bissell, Heidelberg Group Inc.]

Order (up to 4 loaves per order) of your favorite Heidelberg Bread through their online store. Orders are processed close of Sunday and shipped fresh on Wednesday via Priority Mail with delivery in 1-3 days.

The award-winning Heidelberg Bread Company is a staple in Central New York. They offer health-conscious, fresh, all-natural, artisan bread made from sustainably sourced ingredients baked under Orthodox Union kosher standards with an old-world taste.

The Heidelberg Bread clean label means:

  • No Chemicals, Additives, or Preservatives
  • No Bleached or Bromated Flour
  • No Pesticides or Herbicides Used on the Wheat
  • No Artificial or GMO Modified Ingredients

Every loaf is made by hand from the mixing to the shaping, to the loading and unloading of the ovens, from start to finish.

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