Remember that time last summer we all posted videos on Facebook of us pouring buckets of ice water on our heads? It was all in the name of raising money for ALS. One year later, where did all of the money they raised go?

More than 17 million people worldwide participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge. Over 2.5 million people donated $115 million to the ALS Association. With all that cash flowing in, where did it end up going?

1) Research- $77 million

67% went into “research” to find a treatment, or even a cure — for ALS.


2) Patient/Community Service- $23 million

The ALS Association is budgeting $8.5 million to its 39 local ALS chapters. The ALS Association is also budgeting $2.7 million for 48 ALS treatment centers it’s certified as the best in the field.


3) Public/Professional Education- $10 million

This money will help educate the public about ALS, help doctors and researchers learn more about ALS.


WTKR reports how the rest of the money was spent, and you can read that here.


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