IYKYK. (If you know you know.) It's a debate that many people here in Central New York argue about: which is more superior? Ranch, or blue cheese?

I'm not going to lie to you, I really do like ranch, but on salad not as a dipping sauce. For pizza and wings, always choose blue cheese. But, depending on which establishment you are ordering from, the blue cheese may not be what you wanted.

In fact, everyone has a favorite place where they go to get their side of blue cheese.

That prompted me to ask on the 315 Menus Facebook page the burning question.

Where can I get the best blue cheese in the Mohawk Valley?

That question led to hundreds of responses of where to go in the area if you're looking to get the best side of blue cheese to dip your pizza and wings into.

Here's a list of some of the places to go not in any particular order to get yourself some pretty great dipping blue cheese. Would you agree?

  1. Tony's Pizzeria & Sports Bar of Washington Mills
  2. North End Pizza and Tap
  3. Big Jays Pizzeria
  4. Hot Off the Brick NY Style Pizzeria and Deli
  5. Tom Cavallos
  6. Piggy Pat's Smokehouse
  7. Lukin's Brick Oven Pizza
  8. Swifty's Restaurant and Pub
  9. One Genny
  10. Killabrew Saloon

Where is your favorite place to get blue cheese? Let us know inside our station app.

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Where Did Blue Cheese Come From?

According to Castello, the history of blue cheese goes back to the 7th century to a cave outside the village of Roquefort in France. Legend has it that a distracted shepherd forgot his lunch of bread and cheese in the cave. When he returned a few months later, the cheese had become infested with penicillium roqueforti, a mold that was growing in the cave. Today this natural mold is refined and used for almost all blue cheeses simply by adding the mold culture to the cheese milk.

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