What's going on with Lucky the Bull? Is the iconic landmark in Verona being moved after all these years or did someone try and steal it?

Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol says when deputies arrived at the former Stampede Steakhouse on Route 31, 5 men were removing the bull from the property after being told by the former owner they could have it. The new owner arrived as they were loading it and the Sheriff's office was called after an argument began.

On 04/07/2018 at about 10:47 AM, Deputies were dispatched to the Stampede Steakhouse for a reported dispute over the ownership of the large Bull on the lot. When deputies arrived, 5 men were on scene attempting to removed the Bull. The men were told by a former owner that the could have and removed the Bull. While they were attempting to remove the Bull, the current owner arrived and a verbal dispute ensued. At the conclusion of the investigation, all 5 men were arrested for Trespass, a violation.

All 5 men were arrested for trespassing and given an appearance ticket.

Roger N. Fisher, age 77, of Albion, NY
Andrew C. Green, age 33, of Redfield, NY
David A Ott, age 71, of Victor, NY
Stephen R. Smith, age 43, of Knowlesville, NY
Stephen T. Smith, age 67, of Knowlesville, NY

Warren Lewis II captured a photo of the men moving the bull around 10:30 and video when police arrived around 11:30 that you can watch above.

The bull was seen moooving down Route 31 this afternoon. There's no official word where Lucky was heading but rumors are to safer pastures. The corner of Route 365 and 31 will never be the same.

Jennifer VanBenschoten
Jennifer VanBenschoten

What a shame. Lucky has been an iconic figure in central New York for years and even survived the Stampede Steakhouse, fire in January 2016. The property was put up for sale last month.

Thank you to everyone for providing pictures of the chaos surrounding Lucky. If you have photos or video that you've taken and want to share, email Polly@BigFrog104.com.



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