I know it sounds like crazy talk, "Is the leftovers better than the Thanksgiving meal?" But our daughter and I are really looking forward to the "Polly Concoction" that comes from the Thanksgiving Leftovers.

The conversation came up as we were clearing the kitchen after the feast. When Polly mentioned she would make the leftover turkey in her annual "casserole," our daughter, Shayna asked, "when will that happen?" She wanted to be sure and be there because it never lasts long.

  • I don't know the actual recipe or name, but it contains:
  • cream of mushroom soup
  • cream of chicken soup
  • corn
  • Stove Stop Stuffing (I mean who has any leftover)

It's all plopped together and baked with biscuits on top and usually gone by noon the next day. So do you have a special "leftover casserole?" Which do you prefer, the meal or the leftovers?


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