Trust. It's hard to earn and easy to lose. Once it's lost it's even harder to get back. The least trusted restaurant chain in the country 189 locations spread across New York State.

A new survey by Clarify Capital revealed trust is what keeps the customers coming back.

90% of those surveyed said it's what makes them more likely to purchase from a business. Delivering on promises and pricing transparency were also important when it came to choosing where to spend their hard-earned money.

Amazon was named as the most trusted, followed by Walmart and Target. Macy's, Albertsons, and Lowe’s have some work to do. All three were the least trusted retail brands in the country.

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Amazon most trusted brand
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Most Trusted Restaurant

There are so many restaurant chains to choose from. Which one is the most trustworthy?

When it comes to restaurants and food, Pizza Hut is king. The restaurant tops the list of most trusted chains and I'd have to agree. Our orders have always been correct, hot, and delivered on time.

#1 Pizza Hut
#2 KFC
#3 McDonald’s

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Pizza Hut most trusted restaurant brand in america
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Least Trusted Restaurants

There's nothing worse than paying for a meal that doesn't meet your expectations. Which chain is letting down its customers? One with 125 locations in New York.

Chipotle has the honor of being voted the least trusted chain in America, followed by Panera Bread and Sonic. "Chipotle's spot as the No. 1 least trusted could be due to reported food safety issues in the last few years."

#1 Chipotle
#2 Panera Bread
#3 Sonic Drive-In

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Fast is not always better. Instead of eating at a restaurant chain, dine at your local eatery and support local businesses. You'll probably get a tastier meal and better service.

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