Is this truly the largest pizza in Central New York? It just might be, and it's available for you in Oneida County.

Capo's Italian Market & Deli opened for business in Westmoreland, New York in December of 2020. In their short time in business, reviews are nothing but positive and customers keep coming back for more. Although they've had great success so far business wise, they've seen the impact the pandemic has caused.

"Small business has been impacted significantly lately with product and labor shortages so we wanted to offer something a little “more” than usual. While we are always focused on the quality and care that we put into the products we serve we felt like we also needed something else to set us apart."

That's exactly why Capo's decided to offer what seems to be the biggest pizza in Central New York. It's a 28” round, 5.4 square foot pie calling your name.

The pizza was introduced on their Facebook page Monday afternoon, featuring this photo of the colossal pie. And, man, is it big.

We got a sneak preview into what the #20AteChallenge is, and if you're one who loves to take on food challenges: this one is for you.

"Preliminary, the #20AteChallenge will consist of you and a friend trying to take down every inch of this magnificent mozzarella covered monstrosity in a timed battle."

Once we learn more specifics about what the challenge will entail, we'll be sure to keep you posted.

You can find Capo's Italian Market & Deli at 7303 E Main St. in Westmoreland and on Facebook here.

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