Technology is a beautiful thing. However, it can always bite us in the backside. While smart phones are some of the greatest inventions ever, they are also some of the worst. Here's a few different ways that cell phones are ruining our lives. 

YourTango made a list of 5 reasons, and 3 of them really hit home to me:

1) Relationships are virtual, not real.

It's easy to pick up the phone and send a text. It's actually too easy. When's the last time you talked face to face with some of the people you text? I'm sure there are people you text every day that you may have not seen in a matter of weeks. You have relationship with this person that is entirely dependent on technology. What happens if your phone breaks? Could your relationships break too?


2) It destroys boundaries between professional and personal life.

Do you have your work email connected to your phone? My email is constantly going off. What am I doing with it? Constantly reading it. When I'm suppose to be enjoying relaxing time at home with my wife, I'm checking my work emails. 99% of the time these emails can wait until the morning. However, they don't. Phones are turning people into work-a-holics.


3) It is addictive.

Checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and emails are addictive. Think about all the games we play on our phones. When I'm bored, I'll open a round of Bubble Shooter, or Candy Crush. It's like a drug, and you need your fix. Once you get hooked on a phone, it's hard to put it away.


What ways would you say technology is ruining our lives?



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