Just like the website Family Tree Now, another website on the internet may have all your private information. It's called TruePeopleSearch. Here's how to delete yourself from that website. 

TruePeopleSearch is a website that allows you to search for people for free. You can find yourself, and find all of your information on their website.

We want to make finding lost friends & family as easy as possible. We noticed the other free people search sites out there weren't very powerful, and the most powerful sites were too expensive. We wanted the best of both worlds! So we created this site for everyone to use for free. It's super powerful. You can find just about anyone in the US. And it's really easy to use. It works equally well on your desktop, smartphone or tablet."

The website seems harmless, but it's scary finding all of your private information when you don't want that on the internet. You can opt out, and get yourself off of their website.

You have to follow their website Record Removal page. It's an easy process, and peace of mind.


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