Alex Handzel of Utica has many passions, but one of the biggest is cooking. He prides himself on creating unique dishes and perfecting the classics. That is why he was thrilled to submit his recipe to the Barilla Pasta contest to showcase his region. Vote for his dish to give him and amazing trip.

Alex got involved through Instagram, trying to get his name out there. He was followed by a group called "Chef Roll USA" and signed up. He says, "had to give all of my credentials and go through a process and what not. Finally, I got approved and accepted. The first prize is a trip worth 2500 dollars and the next 9 runner ups get a jaden knife roll worth $350. You have to submit a dish and a recipe using one of the 7 pastas they send you and the dish had to represent the region where your from. Its judged on taste and looks, as well as public appeal and opinion."

That is where you come in. To support your fellow Central New Yorker simply click on The Voting Page at You can also vote below.

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