Vote for Utica Man’s Recipe in Barilla Pasta Contest
Alex Handzel of Utica has many passions, but one of the biggest is cooking. He prides himself on creating unique dishes and perfecting the classics. That is why he was thrilled to submit his recipe to the Barilla Pasta contest to showcase his region. Vote for his dish to give him and amazing trip.
How To Properly Cook And Sauce Your Pasta [Video]
It's an important skill to have, especially living in Central New York, to properly cook and sauce Pasta dishes. Most people love this popular Italian dish and it's possible you may be preparing it completely wrong. This video will show you the proper technique to cook, strain, and sauce t…
Celebrate National Pasta Month
Here's something I think you'll eat up. October is National Pasta Month - a good reason to eat hearty during the "Frog Days of Fall". Funny, when I was a kid they called pasta macaroni, or all pasta was  spaghetti, even if the noodles weren't spaghetti.