If you lost anything at the New York State Fair this year, we know where you may be able to find it.

Where do all those items go that people drop, forget or leave behind at the New York State Fair? With thousands entering the gates each day, there must be a lot of things that go missing. The number one item lost? CELL PHONES! I count 14. How many do you see?

Credit - NYSP
Credit - NYSP

If you lost your phone or anything else at the fair, don't worry. The New York State Police are keeping it safe. "But we need you to come and get your property," the department shared on Facebook.

Anything lost at the New York State Fair, can be claimed by contacting Troopers at the New York State Police State Fair Headquarters at (315) 728-4200.

Carrie Haney's son who was working the fair dropped his phone. "There is quite a bit of paperwork to be done to retrieve it but if you have a lock screen on the phone that you describe and unlock, they will return it to you," she shared.

It's nice to see how many kind people there still are in the world. Each one of those lost items turned in represents one good Samaritan. And there's a lot of lost items.

"When I worked the Fair in 1993, someone reported losing a $100 bill," said Poulin Nancy. "Well, people are good and someone turned that $100 in. Gave me faith in the future of our country."

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