The City of Utica Police Department is warning drivers in Central New York about a suspicious male claiming to be a police officer. Well, actually, they already warned you.

This fake police officer was spotted near Riverside Center on River Road. One woman reported to Utica Police that she was pulled over by this male claiming to be part of the UPD:

The woman said she stopped her vehicle because she thought she was being pulled over by police. She described the suspicious person using a forest green colored pickup truck with a strobe light attached to the top of the cab and equipped with a loud speaker telling her to keep her hands on the steering wheel. The victim went on to say that a white male exited the pickup truck, identified himself as a police officer and said that he was part of a DWI Program. The suspicious male also asked her to step out of her car."

This post on Facebook started to trend from 2014, and started to confuse citizens. Since the original post, the imposter has been arrested.



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