Winter Storm Stella caused nothing but a headache for everyone in Central New York. While we continue to dig out, everyone is voicing their opinions on how the City Of Utica is handling the situation. 

Utica DPW has been working around the clock to clear city streets and get everyone back to normal. Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri released a statement to WIBX to remind residents in the city that the Snow Emergency is still in effect until further notice. Palmieri reports that over 150 cars have been removed from city streets, allowing the State DOT and Utica DPW to clear 26 streets and 18 intersections that were not previously plowed due to abandoned vehicles, and cars parked on streets. The city reports they are working around the clock to make roads driveable again.

Not everyone in the City is happy with how the snow removal is being handled. Samantha Colosimo-Testa, whose currently the Councilwoman on the 6th Ward, is not happy with the City:

"The city of Utica dropped the ball". Testa writes. "I will do whatever I can in my power to make sure those tickets are waived". Many got tickets, or towed, for leaving cars on the streets.

Not every one was angry with the city, some are happy and pleased.

Some on Facebook write that the City did the best with what they could do.

Jeff Hence: "I think they did the best they could since absent minded people left their vehicles wherever and plows couldn't make it down streets due to snow buried carsI'm not referring to people on busy roads who got stuck. I was referring to people who left their cars on the side roads parked who live on the streets."

Many received tickets, or were towed, when their vehicles were stuck in the streets. Some are still digging them out even a day later.


My personal opinion as a resident in Utica, I think they did the best they could. People are still choosing to park on the street, knowing the City is in clean up mode. Plows can't plow streets that have cars parked on them. Therefore, roads are very narrow because of this. I think people had to leave their vehicles overnight for safety, and the fact they were stuck. I'm not mad at those people, I'm mad at the people who chose to break the Snow Emergency, and are now on social media complaining how the city is handling it.



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