What do you do when your snow blower breaks in the middle of Winter Storm Stella? You improvise with a pickup truck and plywood.

Cody Stewart and Colleen Sears of Sylvan Beach had their snow blower break down at the worst time. Stella was not only the biggest storm of the season, it was the biggest of ANY season for most in central New York.

Sears says they had almost 2 and a half feet in their driveway and after the snow blower broke Stewart used Google and a little ingenuity to create a 'Plywood Plow.'

"He went to Home Depot on his way home from work and looked at snow blowers but they wanted $1300 for it," says Stewart's girlfriend Colleen Sears. "He said screw that and paid $40 for plywood, a few tools and straps."

Did it work? Check out the end result...

Colleen Sears
Colleen Sears

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