The F.X. Matt Brewery is looking for your help. The city of Utica's beloved Utica Club sign needs to be restored and updated for safety reasons. They have posted a survey asking for the public's opinion on the matter.

The survey states that along with being more structurally sound, the lights will be more energy efficient in this new update. The new sign will say "Utica Club" on either side. The brewery is asking what design do you prefer? Would you prefer to keep the San Serif design (which is the sign on the brewery now), or have a new Script style?

We’re obviously trying to keep the sign pretty consistent with the current sign (with either of these designs), but based on your choice (Sans Serif or Script), how much do you like the design of the sign?"

The brewery also goes on to ask If they held a lighting the sign party on a Saturday evening in the spring/early summer, would you attend?

You can click here to take the survey.