Every Central New Yorker gets excited when we get a shout-out from Al Roker.

Easy to say, there's no better way to start your morning than with this. Not only is Al Roker back on Today on NBC, but he's giving Central New Yorkers yet another reason to root for him.

Though it was only a quick mention, it's still enough for us to get excited.

We all enjoy our Utica Club, but who knew Al Roker was also a big fan of the drink too? If you take a look back into his long career, his connection to Saranac makes sense.

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Upstate New York Roots

Many people know Al Roker was not only born and raised in New York (Queens), but he also went to college here too. As a proud Laker, Roker graduated from SUNY Oswego back in 1976.

As an alumni, he has donated thousands of dollars to the university through the years. Roker even has a television studio named after him (WTOP), where students put on their own productions for the campus.

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While attending Oswego, Al also worked for former CBS affiliate WHEN-TV in Syracuse. He then worked in Washington D.C. and Cleveland, before making his presence known in New York City.

Thank you for the shout out, Al! From one Oswego alum to another, we appreciate the recognition. No matter how big or small it is!

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