With strong thunderstorms in Central New York came strange objects reported in the skies over Central Square.

When we say UFO, we aren't necessary referring to aliens. We are referring to the fact that an unidentified flying object was seen in the sky. On Monday June 20th, during a thunderstorm, one reporter in Central Square saw this in the sky (Look to the top left of the photos):

They reported the sighting to Mufon with a video, where the photos above come from:

I heard the rain hitting the window of my bedroom. I looked out the window and the storm was consistent with a hurricane plus the lightning was ongoing. I recorded the weather because if I tried to explain it to my husband, he wouldn't believe me. After I recorded for 37 seconds, I got back in bed and reviewed the video and noticed the red lights. Well, I then zoomed in to see that appeared to be a craft of a sort. And decided to contact you."

What do you think the object was? You can watch the video by downloading it from MUFON by Clicking Here.

BONUS VIDEO- UFO Sightings In New York- Canastota


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