We've covered several UFO reports over the past few months from all across Central New York. Most of them happen at night, or early morning. This report from May 31st happened right around lunch time in New Hartford New York. 

The report was posted to Mufon, and happened noon on May 31st 2016:

I saw 2 orbs moving south in parallel. I snapped a photo with my cell phone while sitting at a stop light. After analyzing the photo on a large monitor I was able to count 6 objects . For whatever reason I did not see all of them with my naked eye ( only 2 )."

These photos, and sighting, took place right outside of Consumer Square in New Hartford. It appears these photos were taken on the off ramp heading North West on Commercial Drive.

What do you make of these photos?

Honestly, It appears to look like stars to me. You're able to see bright stars/planets during daylight hours. What do you think?


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