Uber and its Ridesharing service is not yet allowed in Upstate New York, but that won't stop them from coming to Utica. Each year the booming car service company delivers ice cream to over 400 cities across America. This year, they are including Central New York.

According to Josh Mohrer, General Manager of Uber, NY, residents of Utica will have access to Ice Cream at the tap of a button. He says, "Even though Utica doesn’t have access to the flexible economic opportunities and better transportation options that Uber offers, local residents shouldn’t miss out on one of our most exciting events - #UberIceCream. If Upstate New Yorkers can’t request a ride - they should be able to experience some of the benefits of Uber for one day."

An attempt to legalize the Uber driving service in Upstate New York was shot down by state legislators, even though the service is available in New York City. On Friday, July 15th, 2016 you will be able to download the 'Uber' app and order up your delivery of Magnum ice cream brands and bars. This is the company's fifth year delivering the perfect summer treat, but it's the first time coming to Utica.

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