Nothing Beats A Road Trip Across America
If you plan on taking a vacation anytime soon, you should definitely consider making it a road trip. If you've ever made a long journey to another part of the country you know how beautiful the sights and sounds can be. A recent trip from New York to Green Bay, Wisconsin proved that for my girl…
Top Myths About The Fourth Of July
America celebrates our independence and freedom each year on July 4th. You may think you know everything about this important date in our history. Some of what you might have learned could be a big myth. Here's a few of the top myths about the Fourth of July holiday.
Kids in Walmart Use Fans as a Microphone for National Anthem
When you think of America, what do you think of? Of course our awesome military, freedoms, and other things come to mind instantly, but did you also think of Wal-Mart? Love it or hate it, Wal-Mart is about as American as you get. That's why it's appropriate these kids chose to sing our National Anth…