The snow is flying in parts of New York State and while wait for the snowmobile trails to open again, there are some who are wondering if they will have the right sled or if their sled is even going to be allowed on the trails in the near future?

But when the snow starts to fly, will your sled be ready? Snowmobiling is big business in New York State. Not only does snowmobiling draw tourists in to the state, registration fees, sales tax from purchases of sleds and other revenue generates millions for the state each year. But a new law in The Empire State may spell trouble for those who enjoy cruising in the snow on a gas powered snowmobile.

According to New York State,

Under the new law, new off-road vehicles and equipment sold in New York are targeted to be zero-emissions by 2035, and new medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles by 2045. The law also requires the development of a zero-emissions vehicle development strategy by 2023, which will be led by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to expedite the implementation of the State policies and programs necessary to achieve the law's new goals.

Because snowmobiles and ATV are technically off-road vehicles, you have to assume that they will fall under the provisions of this law.

I am old school I guess. I enjoy the power, the smell and the sounds of a good old two stroke snowmobile. However, I do understand the long term benefits of more green energy. However, it is the cost and affects on the planet that concern me. Where do the batteries come from? How long can a charge for an off-road electric vehicle last and will places be required to have charging stations? Can you imagine waiting for a charge at a bar or restaurant that has 200 plus sleds waiting?

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