Every golfer dreams of getting a hole-in-one. Some go years without even getting close. Then there's this Central New Yorker who got two in one round.

Vinny "Jr" Foriero of Liverpool, New York, enjoyed the unseasonably warm temperatures on Saturday, April 14 with a round of golf at Beaver Meadows in Phoenix. His game was even nicer than the 80-degree weather. Foriero dropped two hole-in-ones. The first one on hole #8. He did it again on hole #17.

Beaver Meadows Golf & Recreation Association shared the once-in-a-million experience on Facebook.

Both were witnessed by his brother Carl, Rob Masouros, and Mike Vinciguerra. Just incredible. Congratulations Jr!

Credit - Beaver Meadows Golf & Recreation Association via Facebook
Credit - Beaver Meadows Golf & Recreation Association via Facebook

Golf Odds

Actually, it's way more than a once-in-a-million experience. The odds of getting one hole-in-one are around 5,000-1. But the odds of having two in the same round - 67 million to one.

Foriero bought a round of drinks for the clubhouse, a golfing tradition that makes absolutely no sense. Why is the person who got the hole in one, or in this case two, buying drinks? Shouldn't everyone else be picking up their tab? He also kept the ball and his scorecard, according to Local Syr.

The better question should be whether or not Foriero rushed to the nearest store to buy a lottery ticket. With those odds on his side, he's a shoo-in to win the next big jackpot.

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