A city happy to host a professional championship just got a personalized 'thank you' message from the PGA themselves.

In case you haven't seen any of the headlines, or just aren't a fan of golf, it was a HUGE weekend in Rochester recently. The PGA Championship made it's way to the Flower City once again, bringing the worlds most talented golfers to one course.

2023 PGA Championship - Round Three
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Oak Hill Country Club

No surprise to Rochester, the course has been a frequent destination for men's professional golf for decades. Since 1956, the course has hosted three Opens, three P.G.A. Championships and a Ryder Cup. This was the first time the Championship had returned to Rochester since 2013.

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Maybe it's our Upstate New York bias, but it seems there was A LOT of excitement surrounding the championship this year. And the PGA was sure to mention it in their heartfelt 'thank you video'.

The video showcased not only different highlights from the PGA Championship, but also different locations around Rochester that locals would know by heart. There was even a special nod to Bills Quarterback Josh Allen, who stopped by the tournament with Von Miller for a day.

Dear Rochester, Thank you... for sharing your stars... and creating new ones.... and making this championship one to remember... Thank You.

After a memorable weekend, it was great to see the PGA thank the entire City of Rochester for helping make the championship what it was. Anytime Upstate New York gets a national shoutout it's nice, but this felt just a little more special.

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