Tucker Beathard let us see what happens behind the stage at one of Dierks Bentley's shows when he took over our Instagram account on Saturday (July 23). It turns out Beathard is a big-time baller!

The "Rock On" singer took fans and followers backstage at Bentley's Somewhere on a Beach Tour and let everyone get a glimpse at what goes on before one of the summer's biggest tours. Before the Bristow, Va. show, Beathard let us see his baller skills, his pre-show ritual and even let us hear a new song he wrote!

Before opening for a country superstar like Bentley, Beathard likes to get a little energy out. He's a player -- a ball player, that is. He threw around the football (he played football in high school) and played a pick-up game of basketball backstage. When he wasn't playing ball, he was perfecting his other art: his music. Beathard gave us a preview of a song he'd written that same day!

Then it was time for soundcheck before the show with Bentley, Randy Houser and Cam. Beathard got his electric guitar all tuned up before the big performance and when it was finally show time, he let us walk with him to the stage. It's there where we saw his pre-show ritual. Him and his bandmates gathered together for a prayer before taking the stage.

Fans can catch Beathard on the road with Bentley during this summer tour and get a glimpse at his live show below!

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