We all know that New York state troopers are the best in the nation. This story isn't any surprise. Recently our New York State troopers bought a $600 plane ticket to help a woman get home for a Florida shooting vigil.

Meet Jordana Judson. She is 23 years old and currently lives in New York. Judson graduated from Florida State University, and was a 2012 graduate of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, where 17 students and faculty were killed last Wednesday. According to WIVB, her family friend Meadow Pollack was among the victims. After she heard the news, all Judson wanted to do was go home to South Florida and be with her family.

“Everyone (in the community) knows somebody involved somehow,” she said. Pollack, 18, was the sister of Judson’s brother’s best friend, and Pollack’s dad has been a father figure to Judson’s family. “Meadow’s dad helped raise my brother.”

Judson didn’t find out until last Thursday, the day after the shooting, that Pollack was killed. She immediately knew she had to get home in time for the funeral, and for a candlelight vigil Thursday night."

Judson drove to LaGuardia Airport in hopes of catching a flight. She didn’t even pack a bag. She was ready to get home at any cost to be with friends and family. The only problem, all the seats looked booked. Ones available were so high in cost, that Judson was afraid her family couldn't swing the costs. She was outside crying when the Troopers came to her help:

“I just got out of the car and I started crying because I realized this (flight) was the only thing separating me from New York and Florida,” she said.

Troopers Robert Troy and Thomas Karasinski went to the ticket counter and handed over their credit cards to pay for the flight. The one-way ticket cost more than $600. She explained to the troopers that they didn't need to do this, but they insisted.

Because of these two incredible troopers, Judson made it in time for the vigil.



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