It's never easy when someone loses a dog... but this case is so much more than that.

Law enforcement from all over the Warren County and Albany area gathered at Upstate Veterinary Hospital to pay respects to a fallen K9 unit.

Credit - New York State Police
Credit - New York State Police

Remembering K9 Amber

Sadly, the New York State Police are mourning the loss of K9 Amber. She was only 5-years-old when she died unexpectedly in early February. She became part of the NYSP back in 2019 and was assigned to Trooper Mark Castiglione Jr. of Troop T.

K9 Amber was actually named after Trooper Robert W. Ambrose, who was unfortunately killed in the line of duty back on December 19th, 2002. His car was hit from behind by a drunk driver on the New York State Thruway.

Credit - New York State Police
Credit - New York State Police

Though her cause of death hasn't been made public, she was well known in the Police Force. K9 Amber was trained in narcotics and cadaver detection, tracking, and handler protection. She had been recognized multiple times by the news locally for her success in law enforcement.

A Wonderful Tribute

Members of Troop T, SP Albany, State Police K9 Units, along with Warren & Albany County Sherriff's Department K9 traveled to Upstate Veterinary Hospital in Latham, NY to pay their respects. And they did so in the most honorable way possible.

Credit - New York State Police
Credit - New York State Police

All Troopers, Deputies, and Officers present formed two lines and saluted Trooper Castiglione as he brought her ashes home. The picture taken would make anyone stop and stare, taking a minute to pay their respects.

Thank you K9 Amber for your years of service. You made a difference in the communities you served, and have definitely left a lasting impact on everyone you served with. You will be missed.

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