This past Monday in Baldwinsville, New York was all about a sweet 3-year-old named Rosie Snowdon. Police officers gave her a uniform and motorized car, and they swore her in under the oath that she would eat her vegetables, hug her parents and be brave.

According to, Rosie is currently fighting cancer for a second time, after first being diagnosed in July 2018 and beating it in just ten months. She has rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer that most often affects children in their soft tissue. The cancer came back in September and Rosie has to go through 43 more weeks of chemotherapy on top of radiation.

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Rosie's mom, Arianna Leonard, told she's been hoping her daughter could meet a police officer or see a police car up close.

"This past summer, she's been obsessed with what she calls 'weese' officers," Leonard told

Leonard contacted Susan Bertrand of Maureen's Hope Foundation, who made a call to Chief Michael Lefancheck at the Baldwinsville Police Department. According to, he had Rosie's surprise planned within 24 hours, complete with a blue uniform, hat, and her own little police vehicle.

Her sweet smile tells it all.

"A lot of her life is just being in the hospital," Leonard told "She doesn’t get to live the life of a three-year-old, so having good, positive memories like this is really key for getting her through it."

Lefancheck told he wants Rosie to know that she's a part of the department now and she has a lot of people behind her.

"We're gonna station her at Golisano Children's Hospital later this week to be on patrol down there to make sure the doctors and nurses are doing everything they're supposed to be doing," Lefancheck said. "We're counting on her to be on patrol down there."

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