Back in the early 1900's, if you were in downtown Syracuse, you may have seen multiple trolley cars being used in the city streets. Most of those tracks were paved over, and lost to history. Just recently, some of the tracks saw sunlight once again in downtown. 

Currently in Syracuse, Washington Street is getting repaved. ‎Geoff Stephenson‎ posted these photos to Facebook showing the tracks being uncovered from the pavement that went over them. These tracks he photographed were last used in the city back in 1941.

These railways were the main transportation of the city until cars, buses, and of course planes took their place. The trolley or streetcar traveled throughout the city limits of Syracuse as early as 1859. In the beginning they were either horse-drawn or fueled by steam. Then by the end of the 19th century Syracuse became one of the first in the United States to adopt electricity as a transportation motive power.

After the stock market crash in the late 1920s, many of these trolley routes were replaced with cheaper means of transportation. Overtime, most of the tracks were either removed, or paved over.


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