Did you know there may be a treasure worth millions hidden in the Adirondacks?

Dutch Schultz, a mobster of the 20s and 30s, is rumored to have buried millions the Catskill mountains. Chris and Casey Keefer of the Travel Channel's new show, "Code of the Wild" hopes to find it.

The brothers taped an episode in Warren County where it's rumored the treasure can be seen from the highest point in Saratoga County. The highest point would be Tenant Mountain.* "The brothers use Schultz's final words and a series of newspaper articles to guide them to where the notorious gangster may have buried his treasure," according to the Travel Channel.

Photo provided by Discovery Press
Photo provided by Discovery Press

"I’m a history buff, and when it comes to unexplained mysteries, I go digging for evidence,” said Casey. “The world’s greatest secrets are hidden in the most perilous places. For us, that’s where our journey begins. The rough and tough route is our path to answers, and every investigation is a wild adventure.”

“I use my love of technology to get us closer to the truth,” added Chris. “Our equipment helps us to go deeper and see clearer than ever before. And by incorporating our own outdoor survival skills, we’re able to put new theories to the test. There’s no place we won’t go in our search for answers.”

The rumor is, Schultz had a special airtight and waterproof safe made shortly before he died, according to Wikipedia. He put $7 million in cash and bonds, the equivalent of more than $130 million today, and buried it somewhere in the Adirondacks.

See if the Keefer brothers found the mobster's millions when Code of the Wild airs Tuesday September 10th at 10pm on the Travel Channel.

*Tenant Mountain is privately owned by a timber company and access is currently forbidden to the general public.

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