Trace Adkins once again pays tribute to America's military men and women in his new video for "Still a Soldier."

The video for the patriotic song follows the day-to-day life of an Iraq veteran who has returned home and resumed his normal life with his wife and son, but is "still a soldier" at heart, still feeling an unending sense of kinship with those who are currently serving in hot spots around the world. It's a great idea for a video, but it's made even more powerful by the fact that the star of the video is a real-life veteran, Army Specialist Bryan Gerwitz.

The video shows Gerwitz watching the news, working his construction job and playing ball with his kid, but his service is never far from his mind although he's no longer actively serving. Gerwitz surrounds himself with reminders of his duty and sacrifice, from a sticker on his truck to a decal on his hard hat, showing that the spirit of his service will always live on.

Phil O’Donnell and Wade Kirby wrote "Still a Soldier," and director Mike Stryker and producer Shanah Zigler of Casting Life Films helped bring the song to life in the compelling video. "Still a Soldier" is the fourth single from Adkins' Something's Going On album, which he released in March 2017 via Wheelhouse Records.

"We recorded this song well over a year ago, and my intent was always to release it as a tip of my hat to those who have served," Adkins says in a press release. "For those who have crawled off the battlefield but still stand for the anthem ... this is for you."

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