The remnants of Hurricane Beryl really left a mark in New York. Several tornadoes touched down across the state.

The National Weather Service confirmed two twisters in Western New York, an area known more for snowstorms, not tornadoes.

110 MPH in Arkwright

The first was an EF-1 tornado with estimated winds of 110mph. It hit the town of Arkwright, New York in Chautauqua County at 12:06 p.m.

"The most damage was noted along Prospect Road as multiple structures experienced roof failure, wall blow out, and an entire grove of hardwood trees was either uprooted or snapped off fully."

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Second Tornado in Eden

The second twister, an EF-0 tornado with estimated wind gusts of 85mph, touched down in the town of Eden a little more than a half hour later at 12:40 pm. Arkwright may have seen stronger wind gusts but Eden was the area hit the hardest.

The National Weather Service said this was" by far the area of greatest damage extend and the end of the path of this tornado."

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State of Emergency

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz declared a State of Emergency in the Town of Eden due to the significant damage.

A number of barns were destroyed and several animals injured. Luckily no people were hurt.

Drone Damage

Drone footage shows the hardest hit area in Western New York and all the damage Mother Nature left in her wake.

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Tornados in New York

Tornadoes in New York are rare but they do happen. Last month one carved a path through West Winfield. Last summer it was an Upstate New York ski resort getting hit.

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