How unlucky can one family be? 10 days after a fire ripped through their Central New York home, it was hit by a tornado.

Zach and Roxanne Henderson's house in West Winfield caught fire on June 13. The family wasn't home at the time but they did lose a dog and cat in the blaze. Another dog is recovering from smoke inhalation after being saved by a firefighter.

The fire left the home uninhabitable, so the family moved into a hotel.

Ten days later an EF1 tornado with 100 MPH winds touched down. The National Weather Service says the twister began near the intersection of Meeting House Road and Marriot Road, where the Henderson's live.

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Credit - Roxanne Henderson/Facebook
Credit - Roxanne Henderson/Facebook

Family Home Full of Mold

Roxanne's grandfather built the home in the 1960s. Today it's full of water and smoke damage from the fire along with roof damage from the tornado.

"After almost 2 weeks since the fire, it’s now full of mold, maggots, glass, and who knows what else."

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Fire & Tornado Destroy CNY Home

First, a fire then a tornado hit one Central New York home, leaving the family to pick up the pieces.

Gallery Credit: Credit - Polly McAdams

Starting from Scratch

The family has found an apartment to call home until they can demo and rebuild. "We are starting from scratch. Seeing everything you own and built for your family ruined is heartbreaking."

GoFundMe has been set up to help the family get back on their feet.

Tornado Footage

Mike Phalanx captured the moment the tornado touched down in West Winfield on Saturday, June 22.

You can see the destruction as debris is blown in all directions and sirens can be heard in the background.

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Direct Path of Tornado

Randy and Angela Schaffer's home was in the direct path of the twister. Luckily no one was home when it touched down. "My husband was at an auction and I was at camp."

Angel was driving back after a neighbor called about the tornado. She drove through torrential downpours and strong winds but when she hit the other side , she said everything was beautiful. "I thought my husband was up to something because it was so nice."

Then Angela came over the hill and saw that canoe. It belonged to her neighbor and was bent over power lines. "That's when I knew this couldn't be good."

Tornado Carves Destructive Path Through West Winfield

One Central New York family is picking up the pieces after a tornado carved a path through their home.

Gallery Credit: Credit - Polly McAdams

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