Mother Nature brought more than just showers and thunderstorms to Central New York. A tornado carved a path through one village after briefly touching down.

Trees blocked roads. Telephone wires were down. One set of cables even had a canoe bent over them.

It happened in West Winfield on Saturday, June 22 without much warning. Mike Phalanx captured the moment the twister hit.

You can see the destruction as debris is blown in all directions as sirens can be heard in the background.

Destruction on the Ground

Christine Peplinkski saw the destruction on the ground. She says she was coming home from her parents when the tornado hit.

"I was in awe. The tornado touched down and pieces of metal and wood were swirling through the air, trees were down - it was crazy."

Gas Station Twister

Steve Jones captured pictures and video of the twister at Christian’s gas Station in East Winfield.

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Twister Over Farm Land

Kimberly Doane witnessed the twister touching down in a farm field while driving.

Tornadoes in New York

Tornadoes in New York aren't common but they do happen. The most recent was a EF3 tornado with winds of 140 miles per hour. It touched down in West Leyden and gained strength as it blew through in August of 2023.

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Snow Ridge Ski Resort in Turin, New York took the brunt of the twister, seeing the most damage.

Tornado Rips Through Upstate New York Ski Resort

See the damage Mother Nature left behind at Snow Ridge Ski Resort in Turin, New York.

Gallery Credit: Credit - Polly McAdams

Westernville Ski Resort Takes a Hit

In 2021, Wood Valley ski resort in Westernville was damaged along with a number of homes in the area. The year before it was Saratoga County that took a hit.

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LOOK: Exclusive Photos After EF-1 Tornado Blows Through Westernville NY

On July 8, 2021, a tornado touched down at Woods Valley Ski Area and then twisted its way northeast into downtown Westernville. The tornado caused considerable damage along Main Street. Roofs were blown off houses, trees were uprooted, there were downed powerlines and they were without power for days. Thankfully there were no fatalities. Here we have exclusive photos that show the scary strength of the storm.

Gallery Credit: Cindy McMullen

Tornado Strikes Saratoga County in 2020

Gallery Credit: Credit - Polly McAdams

Tips for Floods, Lightning, Tornado In New York State

New York Gov. Hochul's Office released steps to prepare and keep everyone safe from disaster,

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