Whenever there is a celebrity in town, you'll tend to see tons of photos on social media. Sometimes if you see those celebrities in Rome, you'll have to double check the photo. Mark Montalbano of Rome New York has an artwork of fooling people with these photos.

Mark has been photo-shopping celebrities hanging out with him at DeMatteo's of Rome for a while now. He truly is a genius of his craft. His photo's are so believable at times, that even the news reports on the celebrities hanging around town.

Mark Montalbano: The best part is when I've gone into DeMatteo's, the bartenders would say how annoying it is when i post these because they actually had multiple calls (even one from Albany) checking to see if Snoop Dogg was really there. And I guess the phone was ringing off the hook there the night I posted the Jeter pic , including a call from the Rome Daily Sentinel the next day to get all the details."

See, that's how he's able to pull it off. He will photo-shop these celebrities when they are in the Central New York region. That's why it's so believable to see these celebs around town.

Here's a few of Marks favorite photos:



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