Looking for some great arm workout exercises? Our Intern Josh is into fitness and has the top workouts you should try.

1) Bench

Benching is one of the most important arm work outs. This exercise is the exercise you should do on every arm day. How this exercise works is you lay on a bench and above you is weighted bar. The bar is 45 pounds with no weight on it, and with more weight on it, you continue to increase it until you can’t get no more reps of it. This is how you can help work your arms. The harder you work at it, the higher the weight increases. If you do not do this workout exercise when you are doing arm day at the gym, you won’t be improving your strength.


2) DB Row

This exercise works by grabbing a bench and a dumbbell. You put one leg on the bench, you keep your back straight, grab the weight and bring it up too your upper chest which can help workout your shoulders. This exercise can work your arm and can help improve your shoulder and upper arm size. DB Row is a good exercise that I should recommend for people to do once a week for arm day.


3) Barbell Curls

Curling is an exercise that can work your triceps. It’s usually done with a curling bar that is 15 pounds and you have it go down as low as you can and you bring it up to your shoulders. A barbell curl is using a bar that is 45 pounds so the weight is increased. Adding more weight onto it makes it a lot more challenging to complete but it’s good for your arms. I definitely recommend doing this exercise once a week as well as it will work your biceps well.


4) Rope Tricep Pull Downs

This exercise is a great exercise that works your triceps well. How this workout works is you go to a machine where you regularly stand on a box, you bend down slightly and you have a rope on the clip. You set the weight to how you want it to be and you put your hands on the bottom of the rope and you pull it down slowly as far down as you can and bring it back up slowly as well. I recommend to this once a week as well as it is a big help for your triceps gain.


5) Skull Crusher’s Extension

This exercise works by grabbing the curling bar and adding on whatever weight feels comfortable to you. Then you sit on a flat bench and you grab the weight and you put it above your head and using only your triceps, you move them down to just above your head. Next, you extend the exercise by extending your arms forward and then you bring them back in and you lift your triceps back up. Skull crushers are regularly done without the extension, now with the extension added to the workout. I highly recommend this workout, I just tried it out on Monday and I felt great after this workout.

***This post was written by our intern Josh Gubbins of Westmoreland. Josh is entering his senior year, and we wish him the best of luck.***