Check Out This Breathtaking Aerial Footage of '840 Trail'
In our brand new video series we are introducing you to various areas all over Central New York from a new view. We're taking a drone to the skies to give you a new perspective on some of the areas most popular landmarks, properties, and landscapes. Our first location is the Phillip A. Rayhill …
1 In 3 Adults Too Fat To Enlist
The United State's growing obesity problem is causing significant recruiting problems for the military. According to a report issued on Wednesday by a group of retired military leaders, one in three young adults nationwide are considered too fat to enlist.
The Speterz Health and Fitness Group Wants You!
With the New Year comes resolutions that some struggle to keep. One New Hartford man has dedicated the last three years of his life to inspire others to be the best they can be. Peter Angelini is the founder of The Speterz Health and Fitness group and he wants you to know, you can do anything you se…

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