We've all been trying to pinch pennies and save as much as we can this year, so any opportunity to shop for less is an opportunity worth looking into.

Thankfully, Thrify Shopper is coming to the rescue with the grand opening of an even thriftier store right here in Central New York. The Thrify Shopper Outlet opens Friday, August 14 in Shop City Plaza in Syracuse.

The main difference between the outlet and a regular Thrifty Shopper store is the outlet will sell items in bulk and by the pound, instead of by each individual item. For example, clothing and houseware will be $1.29 per pound and books will be $15 per tote.

According to CNYCentral, the outlet will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday.

In a post on Instagram, the company ensured it will be following health guidelines related to COVID-19 when the outlet opens. The store will limit the number of guests allowed in at one time, fitting rooms will be closed, and masks and social distancing will be strictly enforced.

While the Thrifty Shopper Outlet may be a new find in the Central New York community, there are already a number of regular Thrifty Shopper stores scattered throughout the region. New Hartford, Liverpool, Cicero, Watertown and Baldwinsville are just a few Central New York towns with a Thrifty Shopper location. You can find a full list of TS stores and get ready to get your thrift on through the company's website.

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