The story behind this haunted New York home is so terrifying that it will keep you up at night. And the stories are so real that they forced lawmakers to, for the first time ever, declare a house as legally haunted.

This baby blue house in the Hudson Valley was built in the early 1900s and used as a boarding house and family residence throughout the years. According to Only In Your State, reports of paranormal and suspicious activity started in the 60s, when Helen Ackley and her family moved in.

Every morning, the family would wake up to their beds shaking violently. According to OIYS, Helen asked the spirits one night to not shake the beds the following morning, as there was no school the next day. When the Ackleys woke up on their own the next morning, they were even more convinced they were living among spirits.

Ackley reportedly wrote to the Reader Digest throughout the time her family lived at the home in Nyack, New York, claiming the spirits left gifts for the children, slammed doors and made their presence known through footsteps.

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When the Ackleys finally decided to move from the haunted blue home, they decided not to the tell the incoming owners, the Stambovskys, about the invisible roommates. According to OIYS, the new couple found the house listed on a local ghost tour, and brought the Ackleys to court, in a case that would later become known as the Ghostbusters ruling. After two trials, a judge ruled in favor of the Stambovskys, stating that because the Ackleys did not disclose their house as haunted before the purchase, the Stambovskys could now take back their offer.

Where a condition which has been created by the seller materially impairs the value of the contract and is peculiarly within the knowledge of the seller or unlikely to be discovered by a prudent purchaser exercising due care with respect to the sale, nondisclosure constitutes a basis for rescission as a matter of equity. - Case Briefs

As for the current state of the house, someone actually lives there, so don't go trying to venture in to find the spirits. Check out more creepy stories from the Ackleys' home here.

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