Sometimes people are dumb enough to pocket dial someone and accidentally expose their true feelings and personal conversations on the phone and not know it. Word of advice, always check your phone to make sure you're not pocket dialing if you plan on having these conversations. Also, if you plan on robbing your workplace, make sure you didn't dial your boss. 

In Miami, pocket dialing landed two Florida men in jail after their boss overheard them discussing plans to steal and sell $8,000 in construction equipment. Their employer, Stace Valenzuela, was smart enough to continue to listen to both of his employees discussing these plans and was able to catch them in the act.

At the job site where both worked, Valenzuela found three saws missing. He said he then realized that he had received an earlier accidental call in which the men planned the robbery in a voice message.

"Talk about bumbling idiots," Valenzuela said in an interview."

So word of advice: Watch what you're saying around your phone. Also, never steal from your employer....that's just dumb.



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