When the desire to dances hits you, sometimes you just got to do what it takes to give into the urge and just dance. One woman in Florida allegedly left her infant sitting at the bar while she decided to do some dancing. 

Ashton Krauss of Ocean Ridge Florida showed up at the Banana Boat Lounge and Restaurant Sunday evening  (1/4) and put her one year old in a high chair and then went off to get a drink and dance.

After complaints about the child's crying, Krauss picked the baby up and then fell over while twirling the baby. According to the Sun-Sentinel; 'Customers and staff rushed in to try and help the woman and child but that caused Krauss to get angry.'"

According to the Daily Mail, the baby did not suffer any injuries. Police arrived on the scene saying that Krauss was 'violent and belligerent' and they later found an open beer in the console of her vehicle and another alcoholic drink unopened in her purse. She was booked on charges of child neglect and disorderly conduct. The baby is currently staying with another relative.



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