Move over Norman the cow, there's now a goat on the loose in Utica. Richard Bause discovered the goat at the Utica Post office over the weekend.

Bause called Utica police who showed up Sunday along with members of the Spring Farm CARES Animal Sanctuary to find it hiding under a trailer across the street.

Gary Liberatore of WKTV says the goat has been on the loose for a few weeks and couldn't be captured Sunday.

If no one can catch the goat maybe we should call the cowboys who captured the Utica cow. They wrangled the animal near Home Depot earlier this month after it eluded police for months.

The goat isn't as dangerous as a 1500 pound cow, but could cause problems if it runs into traffic. Spring Farm CARES Assistant Director Margot Unkel tells WKTV there is concern. "Especially since winter is coming. Also traffic around in the area. So it's dangerous for the goat and it's dangerous for people who travel the roads."

Like the Utica Cow, the Utica Goat has its own Facebook page. However, unlike the Utica cow, the goat doesn't have a name yet. What should we call it? Billy?

The owner of the property where the goat has been "trimming my lawn" says it has a name. "My wife named it Gilbert," he says.

The man believes the goat came from a pen down the street and the owner may not even know it's gone.

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