Since June 17th, 2015, 'Norm' the cow has been running all around Central New York. It was first spotted near Moe's Southwest Grill in New Hartford and made it all the way to the Parkway in Utica. It got the name 'Norm' from police agencies tracking it and trying to capture it. Finally, two real cowboys caught up with her and lassoed her safely to the ground. It's actually been determined the steer is a female heifer!  Here is a Post According to The UPD Facebook Page:


***News Release***The UPD is happy to announce that the cow that has been on the loose for several months, was... Posted by City of Utica, NY Police Department on Friday, October 9, 2015

There are still no details on how the cow escaped or where it escaped from, but it took nearly 4 months to get him wrangled. Now, there are two farmers who have come out and said they'd be willing to take the cow in. Another person who played a big role in helping to track this animal all along the way was Wildlife Rehabilitation expert, Judy Cusworth. We will continue to keep you updated on more details as they come in.

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