The Utica goat that's been on the lam for a few weeks is still free after escaping authorities.

Police and animal control officers tried to capture the goat that's been hiding under tractor trailers, across from the post office in Utica, but it was too fast.

Judy Cusworth, a local wildlife rehabilitator tells WKTV "if we build a fenced area around one of these tractor trailers with only one entrance and one exit, he can come and go. Let him get comfortable and then we'll come in a hopefully roll that fence around the back."

The goat isn't as dangerous as a 1500 pound cow that was on the loose for months, but could cause problems if it runs into traffic.

Like the Utica Cow, the Utica Goat has its own Facebook page.

The owner of the property where the goat has been "trimming my lawn" says it already has a name. "My wife named it Gilbert."

Justin Gray sees Gilbert the Goat almost every day on his way to work and captured pictures of it on the railroad tracks.

Justin Gray
Justin Gray

If no one can catch the goat maybe we should call the cowboys who captured the Utica cow.

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