The Walking Dead has come to Syracuse. Stan Munro and Suzi Campanaro’s lawn is transformed every year for Halloween. This year it's taken over by zombies.

The idea came to Stan and Suzi in a day after Suzi says she put Stan on a tight budget this year. "These decorations can become costly so he literally went through our shed and found items we had already collected."

The base of the bus is the old pirate ship from last year. Tools and the ‘junk’ on bus were laying around their garage and friend loaned the tires. "We’re on a school route so buses pass constantly during the day," says Suzi. "It’s always a blast seeing the kids go by in awe."

The display is up a week early this year. It was originally planned to debut on October 13th. You can see it at 107 Sandra Drive in North Syracuse, New York. “If you can’t see it on Sandra Drive, you’re not looking. We’re the one’s with zombies and a bus in the yard,” Monro joked.

Stan and Suzi have been transforming their lawn for Halloween for over a decade, bringing hundreds of people into the neighborhood each year to take a look. You can see previous Halloween lawn displays at or on Facebook at Toothpick World.


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