Aargh you ready for Halloween? A giant pirate ship has capsized on a Syracuse lawn just in time for the season. It's Stan Munro and Suzi Campanaro's Halloween display this year.

Stan and Suzi have been transforming their lawn on Halloween for the past 10 years. Stan says they get suggestions every year but the Pirate Ship is being blamed on his nephew. "It was my nephew's fault. He uses a wheelchair and we have this old ramp that he no longer uses because he has a aluminum one. The base of the ship is a wheelchair ramp."

The rest of the display, including the 22 foot mast, are pieces left over from previous years. "All we bought this year was a few skeletons. All the wood is re-purposed," Stan explains.

Suzi Campanaro

The pirate ship is more than just a ship. Stan says there's lot of added features. "You've got a skeleton in the crows nest. You've got one climbing the rigging. There's going to be one forcing a Care Bear off the plank to which my wife said 'Aw little girls are going to cry.'"

Stan and Suzi's annual Halloween display has become so popular it's gotten to the point where streets have to be blocked off on Halloween night. "It's to the point where we don't have a choice. We gotta do this. The local fire department maintains order and the whole town gets into it. We've been very lucky," says Stan.

You can see the Halloween display at 107 Sandra Drive in North Syracuse, New York. "If you can't see it on Sandra Drive, you're not looking. We're the one's with the pirate ship in the yard," Monro jokes.

You can see the previous Halloween Lawn displays over the years at HalloweenLawn.com or on Facebook at Toothpick World.

Stan Monro

2015 Giant Skeleton Dragon