Here's the scoop....With all the technology now a days, kid's just aren't playing outdoors anymore. And the change in times has one central New York ice cream truck shaking things up.

The sound of the ice cream truck rolling through neighborhoods has come to an end.  Skippy's Ice Cream is calling quits. But just from the streets. "Don't get it twisted, Skippy's Ice Cream isn't going anywhere," owner Gina Husted promised on Facebook. "We're still serving frozen treats. We've just refocused our trucks to serve at area festivals, company picnics, graduations, weddings and other events."

Central New Yorkers will miss the days of waiting for the ice cream truck to hit their neighborhood. "I remember the music playing every summer!! It makes me sad my grandchildren will never have those memories," Theresa Montgomery shared on Facebook.

Mintira Nokdhes shares Montgomery's regret. "I’m so sad. My kids will never understand the joy of stopping everything when hear that jingle. It made my childhood. I would run throughout my house screaming “skippyyssssss.”

12 Skippy's Ice Cream trucks jingled through neighborhoods for years. Last year it was down to 3 trucks. Husted blames it on more kids staying indoors, according to

The decision wasn't an easy one Husted told CNY Central. "There was a lot of time, effort and thought that went into it, but with the cost of running the business, it just didn't make sense for us."

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Photo Credit - Skippy's Ice Cream
Photo Credit - Skippy's Ice Cream

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