Maybe we're spending more time indoors at dinner time during winter, as it's cold outside and still dark at that time. But, even it weather isn't a factor, apparently we Americans are spending more time together around the dinner table at meal time.


According to research conducted by Martha Stewart "Living" Omnimedia, about two thirds of Americans say that they enjoy evening mealtime get togethers at least five times a week. Another surprising result of the survey is that about 50 percent of those interviewed said they share morning breakfast with the family about five times a week.

The recent survey was based on interviews with 1,000 people over the age of 18. So, apparently in spite of our more hectic schedules these days, people want to spend the little time that they have with their families at meal time. And as you know, some of the most meaningful conversations take place with family members while you're asking someone to pass the ketchup.

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