FrogFest 29 is just a few days away at the Utica-Rome Speedway. If you haven't been to FrogFest yet, here are the 10 Commandments of FrogFest to make sure you have the perfect time.

1. Thou shall not pass out before the first act

Make sure you stay hydrated and pace yourself with the drinks so you can make it through all the awesome acts before and including Chris Janson.

2. Thou shall not fight at FrogFest

This should be simple for most. Everyone is there to have a good time, no need to ruin your day and everyone else around you by getting beer muscles and fighting with a complete stranger because he spilled a little beer on your arm.

3. Thou shall fix a drink

Chris Janson's new song says it all. Come prepared to tailgate with a cocktail or two.

4. Thou shall use the hashtag #FrogFest29 on all social media posts

How else are we going to be able to share your FrogFest pictures on

5. Thou shall take a ton of pictures and video and send them to Big Frog 104 through the BigFrog104 mobile app

We are unable to upload any videos that have music in the background due to copyright rules, but we can post videos that you take. Be sure to send us your videos through the BigFrog104 mobile app.

6. Thou shall be aware and plan for NO RE-ENTRY

There will be no leaving the show once you're in the Utica-Rome Speedway, so be prepared. Don't leave anything important that you'll want in your car. If you leave the gates, you won' be let back in and you'll miss out on all the fun.

7. Thou shall not bring any outside food or drinks into the Utica-Rome Speedway

This is what tailgating is for. Bring some food and a few drinks to pre-game, then leave what's leftover in your car. Food, drinks and adult beverages will be available for purchase inside FrogFest

8. Thou shall have a designated driver

If you're planning to get boozed up at FrogFest, please have a designated driver lined up to bring you home. The NY State Police will be patrolling the area for drunk and impaired drivers and you don't want a day of fun ruined because you got behind the wheel and tried to drive home drunk.

9. Thou shall take care of yourself at FrogFest

Hydrate. Sunblock. Repeat. We don't want your day to be ruined by dehydration, getting sun burned, or by drinking too much. Remember to keep hydrated(with water wise guy), apply and re-apply sunblock and pace yourself with the drinks. It's a marathon not a sprint.

10. Thou shall be ready to tailgate

Bring your Kan-Jam, Cornhole, ladder ball, flip cups and any other tailgate games. Don't forget a pre-show snack and a couple beers to get you ready for a great day!

We hope you're are as excited for FrogFest 29 as we are. See you Saturday at the Utica-Rome Speedway.


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